You will see I have a list of clubs (that’s what’s in my bag) replace the names with your own clubs.

Go to golfclashnotebook and find out your max/med/min adjustment for your specific club. The important thing here is not to just accept what the one ring is, but see what the 5 rings are and then divide this adjustment by 5. It may sound picky, but GCNotebook rounds numbers up. For example, it may say to adjust 1 ring for the wind, but by the time you get to 5 rings it may say adjust 5.5. This is because it may actually have been 1.09. These little factors can make a huge difference if you’re playing a 10mph wind!

When looking at the spreadsheet, you will see to the right of the club name is the accuracy score, I only record this so I can periodically check against the game in case I have upgraded the club, which may affect the accuracy, in which case repeat the above step for the club.

The next column is how many rings you adjust per 1mph of wind, this is used in the spreadsheet calculations so you need to enter this. You will see its accurate to 2 decimal places.

Once you have filled in these, you can use you spreadsheet to calculate your shots.

First, where it says Ball: PWR0, click on this cell (g1)to select the ball, it should produce a dropdown menu for you. i’m sorry I only have pwr0 to pwr4 at the mo, i haven’t got round to adding in 5 yet and just usually use pwr4.

Sad as it is, (yes, I need a life!) I went through and found out the percentage difference each power ball makes to the shot, so different balls could be factored in to the adjustment. So for example, a powrer 1 ball decreases the ring movement by 3.27% and so on.

Next, click on the big red button that says WIND (hopefully you have your macros enabled) and then enter whatever the wind is

As soon as you press enter, all the clubs will show the distance in max/med/min distance, plus columns for adjusting elevation percentage from 10-40% and also +10% for hitting uphill

If your macro isnt enabled, the red button won’t work so you will have to enter the wind manually at D1


Hope you enjoy and it helps you achieve some better scores. It can take a while to get used to using it whilst playing but I found it worth the effort. You only need to select the ball you are using on your first shot, since you cant change it throughout the round, and i usually have this set anyway as I know what ball i’m probably going to play with. As soon as its my shot, the first thing i do is input the wind on the spreadsheet, so all the clubs immediately update. Then I begin adjusting my shot.

As I said, it takes a bit of practice